Trend System Partner

Control System and Why We Use Trend

3CL have been a Trend System Integrator (SI) for many years, where we design control strategies for bespoke Industrial Refrigeration Plant and Air Conditioning Systems enabling us to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions without relying upon any third party involvement.

For many years Trend have always provided us with products of high quality and a standard of service at the highest level, which in turn enables us to reciprocate the same to our customers.

The Benefits

Trend supply a wide range of cost effective controllers providing options of using combined fixed or expandable inputs and outputs, this allows us to select the best suited solution for the application at the design stage thus keeping the cost to a minimum.

Using Trend also enhances our Service and Maintenance Department, whereby alarms are received and recorded from global sites to our Central Computerised Call-Out System within our head office 24/7.  During “Normal Working Hours” these are closely monitored by key personnel and “Out of Normal Working Hours” alarms are automatically redirected to our Duty Call-Out Engineer’s mobile phone as an SMS text message and an email for back up.

We have the ability to remotely connect to a site and interrogate the plants performance, status and historical data.  Our Duty Call-Out Engineers also have this facility by remotely connecting to sites via our head office, this way we are able to maintain the integrity of the system by recording all actions undertaken.