We are proud to announce that 3CL is one of the main sponsors of the iconic Bloodhound Project.

The amazing Bloodhound SSC vehicle is being designed in the UK as a global engineering adventure. Not only does it aim to smash the current 763 mph world land speed record by travelling at speeds above 1,000 mph, but it also aims to inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It will run the length of four and a half football pitches in one second and the measured one mile in 3.6 seconds – capable of passing the fastest bullet.

Is this possible?  How did it all begin? What has 3CL got to do with it?

The supersonic car will attempt to prove that today’s engineers can push limits and continue the trend set by past and present British land speed record holders such as Sir Malcolm Campbell, Donald Campbell, Richard Noble and lastly Andy Green in 1997.

Bloodhound SSC is a mix of F1 car and aircraft technology, featuring a graceful aerodynamic body 13.4 metres long. It weighs 7.8 tonnes with the front five metres being a carbon fibre monocoque. The rear nine metres is made up of titanium panels on titanium ribs, enclosing a Rolls Royce jet engine above a rocket. It has 135,000 horse power, more than any previous car, more than the QE2 and more than six times the power of all cars in a formula one race.

The most suitable track for the record run is considered to be Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, a dried mud expanse which has been under preparation for two years with stone removal teams from the nearby villages.

The question is, can Bloodhound SSC go faster than 1000 mph and smash the absolute world low altitude speed record of 988 mph? The answer is that the designing, planning and building so far has taken eight years with another two years, or more, to go.

The team, led by Richard Noble and Andy Green, will be closer to answering this question by Autumn 2015 when they will be in South Africa to carry out test runs. The following year it will be seen whether the vehicle can exceed the current record by 37% – an incredible 1,382% faster than the original land speed record.

Cecil Dean, 3CL’s Chairman, explains the group’s involvement: “As specialist cooling applications engineers, we were invited to advise and assist with the design, as well as to build and supply, all the cooling requirements for the Bloodhound SSC Project.

“This will include engine cooling and temperature control, cockpit cooling, electronics and hydraulics cooling as well as the ventilation and cooling for the fueling, service, and turn-around areas, not forgetting the drinks coolers and champagne ice!”

“3CL is extremely excited to have been chosen to participate in this prestigious global project, as have many of our blue chip clients.”

The project is also sponsored and supported by many leading enterprises such as Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Castrol Oils and a range of universities.

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